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TwiChat is a mobile social messaging App platform designed by Trendscape. The platform uses asymmetric encryption to protect user privacy and ensure user data safety and authenticity. The platform provides features including 1-to-1 and group chats, audio/video calls, and secured private messages that burns after reading. TwiChat aims to provide users with a secure, powerful and efficient next-generation social messaging platform.  

Account Management  

• Multiple registration options including one-click phone number, Google account, Facebook account, Phone Login and WeChat registration.
• The platform allows account sync on multiple devices through QR Code scan, where all data is synced.
• Account will be protected via QR code encryption through security questions and passcodes.
• Users will receive a built-in crypto wallet when signing up on the platform.
• Users has full ownership of the crypto assets in their account crypto wallets, and can make transactions any time.
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• Platform chatrooms support text, audio, image, video and multiple type of file content.
• Chatrooms support 1-to-1 and group audio and video call, with a maximum participant number of 9.
• During audio and video call, users can turn on/off camera, turn on/off microphone, and can join or leave group calls at any time.
• Group chatrooms support live-streaming, and host-authorized members can start audio or video live-streams with call-in feature.
• Group chatrooms support relay feature, where users can relay via url links.
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Content Control

• User posts within chatrooms are stored on the cloud, allowing users to access them at any time.
• Group chat hosts can recall any content within group and can remove members at any time.
• Group chat hosts can set ban on any member to control group content at any time.
• Only host and host-authorized members can start live-streams and relays with group.
• Authorized users can pin quality content to live board for display.
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